Performance and availability statistics

The EBA regulatory technical standards (RTS) requires that banks, which have put in place APIs as a dedicated interface, ensure that the APIs, at all times offer the same level of availability and performance as the other customer interfaces within the bank. This requires monitoring of the APIs availability and performance, as the banks are required to quarterly publish statistics on their website, enabling TPPs and customers to compare the daily availability and performance of the APIs with the bank’s customer interfaces.

As a result of this, we will quarterly publish statistics* enabling comparison between our customer interfaces and our dedicated interface. Resurs’s dedicated interface is provided in collaboration with Crosskey, which monitors the daily availability and performance of the bank’s live PSD2 APIs published through Crosskey Open Banking Market.

*Resurs only provides account information API. There are no statistics for Payment Initiation and Confirmation of Funds available, which is why these columns are empty.


Performance availability statistics March

Performance availability statistics February

Performance availability statistics January