Resurs Open Banking

Connect with Resurs Open Banking through our access-to-account (XS2A) API. Together with us, you can create innovative solutions and strengthen your product with consumer bank account data. In line with EU PSD2 regulation guidelines, we focus on customer rights and security for safer data sharing. Our account information APIs, allow customers to access information on their credit card in Resurs through a third-party interface. The information includes details on account balance and up to 90 days of transaction history (shortly up to 12 months).

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Developer portal

We are offering the Open Banking API through a collaboration with Crosskey, using the Open Banking UK framework. You can get access to the documentation and the test sandbox environment for our APIs in the developer portal below. If you have any questions or ideas, please contact us at

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In the event that the dedicated Open Banking interface is unavailable, Resurs provides a fallback mechanism for TPPs. Under such circumstances TPPs will be able to access the online banking service through Resurs web page. In order to request access the PSD2 fallback mechanism the TPP needs to be approved by a local NFSA and verified as a valid TPP. Send your request for access, including contact information, to for instructions. Note that the request needs to be made from an email address connected to and enrolled account for the API production environment.